Guilt is a terrible burden that could eat you alive.

Venetta Cox-Mlynczyk

Prior to Venetta’s life being drastically altered by tragedy, she enjoyed a full life, including a rewarding and successful career as a college instructor, teaching dental chairside assisting for 25 years. She prides herself on having prepared close to a thousand students for a career in the dental field.

Venetta loves traveling on cruise ships with her husband George. She always looks forward to spending time with family and friends.

Today, Venetta focuses on her well-being, continuing further along her healing journey and honoring her sons, Devon and Brandon.

If only I had a crystal ball. I certainly did not predict the family drama that would ensue, forcing me to make extremely difficult decisions in the midst of grief.

The Worst Life Has To Offer

A Mother's Grief Journey To The Other Side of Sadness After The Death of Her Two Sons

Venetta Mlynczyk has endured unimaginable tragedy, a parent’s worst nightmare: the sudden deaths of her only two children, just six months apart.

Suffering excruciating pain and grappling with complicated grief and guilt led her to dark places. Then, in the throes of grief, she was completely blindsided by a cruel twist that shocked people around the world.

Suspicions surrounding the investigation into Brandon’s death left Venetta on a path seeking justice for years. Devon’s death also sparked mysterious lingering questions. 

From the depths of despair, she found the courage and strength to navigate the multiple layers of her grief,exploring a myriad of messy emotions.

In the face of adversity, Venetta’s resilience offers hope and inspiration to anyone grieving the death of a loved one. The sun will shine again on the other side of sadness even when the worst life has to offer happens.

If someone had told me, at that moment, that Devon would be dead
in six months, I would have thought they were absolutely insane.