I spent the better part of nine years, seeking justice for my son.

Venetta Cox-Mlynczyk

A Mother’s World Shattered! The unimaginable, heart-wrenching story of the sudden deaths of Venetta’s only two children, six months apart. Suffering many cruel twists, a fight for justice, and a mother’s journey out of the darkness.

Writing this book has been an overwhelmingly cathartic experience for Venetta.  Many tears were shed, as she re-engaged with every memory and raw emotion this past decade, that she lived through to share with others.

It is her sincere desire to offer hope to other parents experiencing the unimaginable loss of a child.

Venetta’s goal is to become a facilitator of a support group for families experiencing child loss, supporting others on their own grief journey, and allowing Venetta to further honor her sons, Devon and Brandon. 

I had no concept at that moment, I was joining “the club” no parent wanted a membership for.


A Mother's Grief Journey To The Other Side of Sadness After The Death of Her Two Sons

Thank you to my entire family for your love and support.

A special thank you to my husband George, my mother Pamela, my sister Amanda, and my father Anthony. You have been my pillars of strength.

To my dear friends, Anne Marie, Bonnie, Carol, Silvana, Eva, Cheryl, Denise, Maggie, Dawn, Jody, and Anna Belle, thank you for enhancing my life.

Thank you, Aunt Sandra, Aunt Marlene, and Cousin Karen—my support system in England.

To my yoga friend Mike, thank you for all your assistance with addressing my concerns to the Attorney General.

And a warm thank you to all my health care providers.