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The grief surrounding the loss of a loved one is unbearable. This heart-wrenching memoir of a mother enduring the worst kind of sorrow attempts to bring comfort to grieving parents. As she ponders over what she could have done differently she clings to the endless distress. That said, fate is beyond one’s control, with pain only mitigating over time. Her only solace now is to seek justice and process the heartbreaking reality of her life.

The Worst Life Has To Offer by Venetta Cox-Mylnczyk is a memoir that grips the raw emotions in one’s heart, translating a mother’s story of resilience as she navigates life after the unforeseeable death of her two sons, only 6 months apart. This book touches the core of your being and evokes empathy bringing tears to your eyes with the overwhelming realization of how one trivial mistake can drastically change another’s life.

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Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite

The Worst Life Has To Offer is the heartbreaking true story of Venetta Cox-Mlynczyk, a college instructor and mother of two, who went through the worst times any parent can find themselves in. A seemingly random call shatters Venetta’s life as she knows it when she learns that her seventeen-year-old son, Brandon, had been hit by an SUV while biking with his friends. Losing all sense of composure, she arrives at the hospital, only to find that her beloved son had passed away. Thrown into a spiral of depression and despair, Venetta suffers another cruel twist of fate when she learns of the death of her older son, Devon, in Toronto. With two back-to-back tragedies within six months, can Venetta ever hope to recover and get back a modicum of normalcy in her life?

A story of resilience and hope in the face of one of life’s devastating tragedies, The Worst Life Has To Offer is a must-read for anyone who has ever lost a loved one. Author Venetta Cox-Mlynczyk bares her soul through this unflinchingly honest and heart-wrenching memoir that tells about her personal experience of losing two sons within a span of a few months. Although agonizingly tragic, Venetta’s story also demonstrates to readers that however difficult your situation in life might be, it is still possible to overcome adversity through a resolute heart and courage and with some constant support from your close friends and family. The Worst Life Has To Offer is a poignant memoir that I highly recommend.